Senior Center Staff





Darlene Supplee        Executive Director

  • Bob Galloway              Meals on Wheels Manager/Medicaid /IT
    Laura Saunders          Social Coordinator
    Laurie Robinson         HR/ Bookkeeper

    Rebecca Erickson      Homemaker 
  • Loraine Gaffan            Administrative Assistant


  • Don Harvell                             Cook
    Chris Mittelstadt                 Cook/MOW Driver
    Sylvia  Thruston                    Lead Kitchen Assistant                            
  • Iliamma O’Malley                 Kitchen Assistant
    Alonzo Rivers                         MOW/Passenger Driver
    Lita Carrillo                              Passenger Driver                                                  
  • Oliver Webster                 MOW Driver/Roustabout


Catherine Brantley               Reception
Michael Kapec                        Dishwasher

Meals On Wheels Volunteer Drivers; “We Thank You so Much for your Service!”

Craig Persson, Susan McMahon, Glen & Mary Abel, Virgil Severns, Mike & Ann McCann, Ed Murphy, Madeline Nance, Spencer Nace, Richard Hansen, Charles & Donna Lincoln, Uriah Naikak, Walter Hoover, Jackie Lariscey, Lanny Wagner, Cheryl LaFollette, Jennifer Lynch, Patty Olson, Rick Swankie.  With all these Winners how could we ever loose!!!

Monthly Volunteers; “We Thank You For Your Service!”

Ken West, Kaethe Foertsch, Geraldine & Gerald Lizotte,Linda Denton, Floyd Ringer, Bryan Locklear, Dick Farris, Strong Women, and the Strong Seniors.

Non-Profit Organization