Heart to Heart fundraiser
Sat. Feb. 10
Raven Landing

To support Meals on Wheels program

Info: 452-1735



From the January 2018 Newsletter
Hello Seniors,
It is amazing to look back on 2017 and reflect on all of the changes we have made. We have been very fortunate to have been able to obtain funds to make some vital improvements to the Center over the last year. Our multipurpose room has provided the much needed space to allow our seniors to benefit from this expanded area to hold additional exercises classes, have lunch, socialize and volunteer. The newly remodeled dish room will help us to be more efficient, and our staff is EXTREMELY thankful for the new dishwasher. Although there were some obstacles, as construction usually brings, the finished projects were well worth it.

I would like to thank all of our volunteers who have shown the Center their continuous kindness and generosity. We would not be able to continue what we do without their dedication and support, and we are blessed to have them. From delivering a meal, to a wellness check, to a smile letting a senior know they are seen and not forgotten, to the busy hands that come to the Center each day to provide support to our many programs, I send our utmost thanks!

I would also like to thank our donors for their financial support. In these trying economic times, every little bit helps, and every donation to our programs is a gift of continued service to our seniors, It is this type of community support that makes Fairbanks a wonderful place to live.

I would like to thank the Adopt-a-Grandparent program for their yearly gift of warm gloves, Vivian Carson for the gift of scarves and hats made with donated yarn, Sue Hardenbrook for the lovely sweatshirts, the “Doll Ladies” for their donation of fleece blankets with stuffed animals, and Jewel Healy for the small blue fleece blankets. These gifts were distributed to homebound and local seniors who visit the Center, and they surely demonstrated the love and compassion that comes from a community who cares for one another. The amount of heart-filled thanks from the seniors was abundantly expressed.

Our annual Holiday party was a success again this year. We served 170 people with 35 children that came to visit Santa. Dave “Magic Fingers” Schlesinger came to play Christmas music on the piano along with his students. It was such a joy to see all the smiling faces, hear the sounds of laughter and the new multipurpose room being able to accommodate the overflow of party visitors.

The Senior Center is hosting a Valentine’s Dinner fundraiser at Raven Landing on February 10th. It will be a formal dinner with silent auction, live music, dancing, and a photo booth. This Heart to Heart fundraiser is to support the daily operations of the Meals on Wheels program, which as you all know, experienced funding cuts through our two primary grant funding sources. I hope you will support the program, volunteers and the dedicated staff by purchasing a ticket. Even if you cannot make it, please consider supporting a senior by donating a purchased ticket so a senior, who cannot afford it, can join in the event.

I am looking forward to the many possibilities that the New Year brings. In 2018 the Center is focused on submitting for a few capital grants to remodeling the bathrooms. If you have been in the bathrooms, you know how desperately they need some tender loving care. Imagine, bathroom stalls wide enough to turn around in! People must have been really tiny in the 70’s for all the stalls are made for small folks. LOL! All kidding aside, the ADA compliancy has changed over the years and we need to bring the bathrooms up to current standards. I will keep you posted on our progress.

To everyone, happy New Year and warm wishes for a bright year,
Darlene Supplee—Executive Director


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