Darlene Supplee/Exec Director

From the August 2016  Newsletter….

Hello Seniors,
It is that time of the year for the Senior Center to have its annual meeting. It will be Saturday the 20th. It starts at 10:30AM with lunch to follow.

The annual meeting is an opportunity to talk to me, the staff and our board members about the Center and the direction we are heading. In fiscal year 2016, the Senior Center provided over 50,000 Meals on Wheels and 10,000 congregate lunches as part of our nutritional program with a focus on making sure no senior goes hungry.

We did an annual survey in December where 95% of the Meals on Wheel seniors stated the meal helps them to live independently, and 92% stating it improved their quality of life. The other important service to seniors is transportation with 92%, stating it increased their access to the community and helped them live independently.

In February 2017, the Senior Center is looking to make some changes to the existing space inside the Center to create a multi-purpose room to accommodate volume we are experiencing. A volume I know will continue to grow. This multipurpose room will give the Center more space for volunteering to happen, ease in our efforts for additional revenue sources, and provide an area for socialization to continue when exercise classes are occupying the dining room.

Another focus for the Senior Center is a grant submitter for the Senior Corps. Senior Companion Grant that will bring $275,000 of additional monies into the Borough, to assist seniors to continue to live in their home of choice. We are crossing our fingers that we will be awarded this grant and should know by September if we were chosen to administer it.

The Center only thrives with the focus of its members, staff, volunteers and the understanding that it takes a village to make sure every senior is given the chance to make choices. Choices to create a safe and supportive environment to live out their golden years.

Please come out and support the Center by bringing your questions, suggestions and unique insights so that we can continue to build a strong foundation for the growing senior population, 60 plus, which as you know, is projected to be at 20,000 by 2020. Your participation is key to the essential base of family, kindness, fiscal responsibility and team which are the ingredients that have made the Center and its services offered to be such a key component in our community.

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Aug. 20th – at 10: 30AM at the Annual Meeting.
Darlene Supplee
Executive Director

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